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I've had some wonderful submissions for the 6th volume of the WisCon Chronicles, but there is plenty of space for more. Have you been thinking about writing something up? Didn't quite have time? Well, now you do. I'm extending the deadline until Monday August 15.

Here is a link to the first call and explanation of the theme, for your inspiration; here is a list of particularly interesting panels I compiled. Or you might write about where you think WisCon, feminism and sf fandom is going, has been, should be going.

Drop me a line if you'd like to share ideas or wrangle deadlines (if you are working on an ambitious piece and need even more time, for example): wischronicles at
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The first WisCon Chronicles deadline is in a mere five days, on August 1. I hope I will be receiving many amazing contributions then!

If you are working on your contribution (or if this entry made you think 'ooops, forgot about that...') and think you might need a little more time, please let me know by emailing or sending me a direct message on DW. I'm also happy to answer questions by email––if you are wondering about anything at all, please get in touch.
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I hope everyone had as great a time at WisCon as I did!

I've just finished reading last year's WisCon Chronicles, edited by Nisi Shawl, which is absolutely wonderful and a lot to live up to. Thankfully, WisCon people are amazing.

I spoke to some possible contributors at WisCon and I have plans to write to more, but I would love to hear from you if you are interested in contributing.

This year's theme, 'Futures of Feminism and Fandom,' is intended to focus on the ways that WisCon embodies movements toward a broader and more intersectional understanding of what feminism is and can be, as well as how changes in technology and communication affect our experience of fandom and of feminism. Panel reports, contemplations, and other thoughts (or images!) relating to this are all very welcome. If you have something you want to write about, an event at WisCon that you want to document, or a response to something that's happened online relating to the con, please write to me and/or submit even if it doesn't seem obviously related to the theme.

The initial deadline is August 1 2011. You are more than welcome to submit earlier––perhaps you want to start writing while WisCon is fresh in your memory? Send your submission as a Word or .rtf file to wischronicles @ gmail dot com. Lengths are flexible; aim for 2500 words if you aren't sure.

I'd be happy to hear from anyone who is planning on contributing or wants feedback on how to develop an idea: comment here or write to me at wischronicles @ gmail dot com.
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I've been looking over the WisCon schedule and picking out the panels that seem particularly relevant to the Chronicles' theme. Sadly, as always, many of the things I would like to attend are at the same time! I would love contributions that reflect on, chronicle, or otherwise relate to any of the panels under the cut (some of them might prove provocative, which means they will be important to document and to think about later)... Though that certainly doesn't mean I'm not interested in contributions that relate to other parts of the con.

I am going to be in Madison from Wednesday evening through to the early hours of Tuesday morning, and I would love to talk about possible contributions. I have a smartphone and never let go of my laptop, so email is the best way to contact me (wischronicles@gmail); you can also use the message board at the con. And this is what I look like.

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I will be editing this year’s volume of The WisCon Chronicles, to be published as usual by Aqueduct Press. You can see previous years’ here: Volume One, Volume Two, Volume Three, Volume Four, and Volume Five will be coming out at WisCon 35.

Every editor chooses a theme for the book. This year’s Chronicles has a working title of “Futures of Feminism and Fandom.” I chose this partly in order to acknowledge the way that upheavals surrounding the WisCon 35 Guest of Honor (1) highlighted some conflicts and contradictions in how WisCon's feminism has been defined (and led to the con's mission being crystallized in the new Statement of Principles) and (2) demonstrated the ways fannish and activist community comes together (with online activity replacing the centrality of books and face to face gatherings for many––one reason why I’m not waiting until after the con itself to suggest people think about chronicling it).

But those events should overshadow neither the con itself (I am sure they won’t!) nor its Chronicles. After all, definitions of feminism and fandom at WisCon are always in flux. In recent years, the limitations of a feminism focused purely on gender has become ever more evident and intersectionality has moved front and center. At the same time, many of the fans that come together at WisCon are joined by a shared love not only of literary science fiction but also increasingly of media and of transformative works. And the meaning of a face-to-face con is being changed by the way fannishness increasingly assumes we live on the internet. How do all these changes affect one another and affect what WisCon means to all of us? There is always a danger, when rushing toward a new and shiny future, of leaving behind what was valuable about the past. If feminism, fandom, and WisCon are changing, what parts of our history is it most vital to hold on to?

I will be inviting lots of people to contribute at WisCon; this post is my encouragement for you to think about whether you might have something to contribute before the con begins. I’m keen to hear your ideas for reflections on the history and future of feminism, science fiction, and fandom: personal, historical, theoretical, fictional. I am also, of course, looking for accounts of panels and other events at WisCon 35. If you know you’re planning to attend a particular panel, whether or not you’re on it, and you’d like to write a report for the volume, drop me a line. I’m also interested in reflections that may not connect directly to a panel at WisCon but that may emerge from WisCon-related discussions and events in fandom; after all, the con remains significant to many people in many places for many reasons, even for those who have never attended. If WisCon’s virtual presence is important to you and you have something to say about it, I’m interested in your contribution too.

I am particularly keen to have people write about the following things:

- the ways class, disability, and other elements like religion and location intersect with gender, sexuality and race.
- forms of fannishness, on and offline. There have been panels about internet drama and social change, about how to be wrong online and about how to engage in debate; let’s have some reflection and analysis of that.
- non-western forms of media and fandom. I’m thinking particularly of anime and manga, about which there has been a good deal of discussion at WisCon, but submissions on other forms would be very welcome.
- transformative fanworks. WisCon’s vid party is in its second year and fan fiction panels are well established; what has that meant for you?

Finally, one of feminism and science fiction’s great writers and thinkers, Joanna Russ, passed away this year. Her work included early and deep engagement with intersectionality and some of the earliest printed discussions of transformative fanworks, and she was also willing to acknowledge when her earlier definitions of feminist politics had been proven wrong. This WisCon Chronicles should honor her memory, and I’d like to gather some reflections and memories about what she meant to fans.

Of course, the Chronicles can’t really be planned before the con; I look forward to all the events and discussions and ideas I can’t possibly anticipate.

If you'd like to propose a contribution, share an idea, or make a suggestion, please leave a comment here, send me a message, or email


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